That Was The Week That Was

This’ll be my last post for a while, as we enjoy a family reunion and wedding. Meanwhile, enjoy these posts you might have missed during the past week: Here… • There’s a spiritual side to The Spirit of St. Louis (the Lindbergh memoir that is… and the Billy Wilder film adaptation of it). • I’m still working … More That Was The Week That Was

The Benedict Option

The conflict of the Present and the Past, The ideal and the actual in our life, As on a field of battle held me fast, Where this world and the next world were at strife. For, as the valley from its sleep awoke, I saw the iron horses of the steam Toss to the morning air their plumes of smoke, And woke, as one awaketh from a dream. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “Monte Cassino“ Almost fifteen hundred years ago a hermit in flight from Rome — “disgusted,” wrote Longfellow, with that city’s “vice and woe” — settled on a mountain in the Abruzzis, forming a community and writing a rule that would make him the father of Western monasticism. … More The Benedict Option

Two of My “Conservatives for Progressives” Reflect on the State of Conservatism

Yesterday I lauded a variety of conservative writers whom I encouraged my left-leaning friends to include in their regular reading rotation. One reason I recommended many of them is that they possess the rare ability to engage in critical reflection on their own movement. To wit, David Brooks’ New York Times column this morning and … More Two of My “Conservatives for Progressives” Reflect on the State of Conservatism