That Was The Week That Was

Here… We heard from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Christena Cleveland, Makoto Fujimura, and Allan Boesak. I’ll write more next week. …There and Everywhere • I wasn’t the only white evangelical writer suggesting that what happened to Michael Brown (and Eric Garner) should prompt us to listen more closely to people of color. Fred Sanders of Biola University called the sequence … More That Was The Week That Was

Pietism, Doctrine, and the Boundaries of Belief

What place, if any, do Pietists give to doctrine? Do they place any boundaries on what constitutes right belief (orthodoxy)? Those questions come to my mind at least two or three times a year, generally whenever I’m getting too excited about the prospects for a “Pietist impulse” to again revive Christianity (as it’s done at … More Pietism, Doctrine, and the Boundaries of Belief

Hell and Heaven

This has not been one of those blogs that serves as an online confessional. But for once, I’d like to bare my soul a bit and share something about myself that caught my attention over the weekend. Writing about it might prove to be utterly narcissistic, in which case I hope that you didn’t find … More Hell and Heaven