Next Sunday’s Adult Class: Who’s an Evangelical?

Having spent an energizing Reformation Sunday morning at an Evangelical Covenant church, I’m looking forward to visiting a Lutheran church this coming Sunday to teach the history of evangelicalism If you’re in the Twin Cities, join us at Incarnation Lutheran in Shoreview, MN for the Kairos Forum — offered both 8:45am and 10:05am. Here’s the … More Next Sunday’s Adult Class: Who’s an Evangelical?

Wednesday’s Podcast: Red State Christians

Our second season of The 252 — “sports talk radio as done by academics” — is going to alternate every other week between two formats: our usual three-segment mix of sports news, history, and commentary; and long-form interviews with athletes, coaches, writers, and others who can help us understand the history and politics of sports. Today’s … More Wednesday’s Podcast: Red State Christians

That Was The Week That Was

Here at The Pietist Schoolman, Sam Mulberry and I talked about visiting the former Western Front, and Tony Minnema thought out loud about doing the Christian liberal arts in a work college setting. Elsewhere… • I thought I knew a lot about WWI commemoration, but I hadn’t actually heard the story behind the origins of the … More That Was The Week That Was

Why My Family Is Changing Churches (and Denominations)

Fifteen years ago this month, I walked into Salem Covenant Church in New Brighton, Minnesota. Save for a sabbatical in Virginia in 2016, I’ve been at Salem ever since. Not surprisingly, that congregation and its larger denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church, have been regular topics here at The Pietist Schoolman. So I think I ought to … More Why My Family Is Changing Churches (and Denominations)

That Was The Week That Was

Here… • Looking for a free Lenten devotional? You’ve come to the right place. • Last Sunday I preached on the Ten Commandments, death, and other things. Your next chance to hear me preach (and teach) is February 9-11 in Minneapolis. • An interview with a former gymnast raised “important questions about church complicity in … More That Was The Week That Was