Glad Hearts: Some of My Favorite Voices from the Covenant Church

As I begin work on a book with one of its pastors about its theological heritage, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Evangelical Covenant Church. So with delegates from its congregations gathering in Phoenix, Arizona for our denomination’s annual meeting, I thought I’d share a few quotations from a few of my favorite Covenanters, clustered around our denomination’s … More Glad Hearts: Some of My Favorite Voices from the Covenant Church

What’s the Evangelical Covenant Church? “An Immigrant Church”

In my day job as a history professor, I’ve spent a lot of time in the past week investigating the experience of immigrants during World War I. And since most of the faculty and students at Bethel in 1917-18 were either born in Sweden themselves or the children or grandchildren of such immigrants, I’ve also been thinking about my own … More What’s the Evangelical Covenant Church? “An Immigrant Church”

Article in Pietisten

12/14/11 – Earlier this fall I had the honor of being invited to write a brief appreciation of longtime Covenant pastor and editor Jim Hawkinson for the newsletter Pietisten. That piece appears on p. 15 of the Fall/Winter 2011 issue, now available (not online, but you can find out how to get that and earlier … More Article in Pietisten

A Stretched People

Last week I mentioned that I was preparing to preach a sermon for the first time, at Salem Covenant Church of New Brighton, MN on All Saints’ Sunday. Despite my fears, it seemed to go well yesterday, and I thought I’d post my text in case anyone who wasn’t there was interested in reading it. … More A Stretched People

J. Hawk

My friend Jim Hawkinson passed away two months ago today. In that time, he’s been honored by two memorial services (the one at our church, where he served as visitation pastor, drew something like 700 people) and several excellent essays. And while I promised my own appreciation a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure that … More J. Hawk

Jim Hawkinson

7/6/11 – I’ll have my own appreciation to post later in the summer, but for now, I’d encourage anyone who knew or simply knew of Jim Hawkinson to read the July 2011 issue of The Covenant Companion. If you don’t subscribe, you can find him remembered in pieces by Jane Swanson-Nystrom (who quotes Jay Phelan … More Jim Hawkinson