That Was The Week That Was

This week I studied African American responses to Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight to Paris and celebrated the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment by looking at the role of religion in the suffrage debate. Elsewhere: • I didn’t watch a lot of the online Democratic National Convention, but I thought that Michelle Obama (in making … More That Was The Week That Was

Jill Lepore on History

This week in our department’s Intro to History course, we’re talking about history as a form of literature. Wanting to point students to some of my favorite writing historians, I started with Jill Lepore, the Harvard professor who also writes regular essays for The New Yorker. (“All historians are coroners,” she began a 2019 piece … More Jill Lepore on History

Do Historians Predict the Future… or “Remember” It?

So here’s something I’ve been contemplating for about two months now: Do their studies equip historians to predict the future? Back in early September, labor historian Jefferson Cowie reflected on recent political events for The Chronicle of Higher Education. Mostly, his piece was a critique of how scholars in his field fail to understand the working … More Do Historians Predict the Future… or “Remember” It?