Starting to Think Through a New Course: Christians and Unity

I won’t be teaching it for several months yet, but I’m starting to think through a new course that I’ll be teaching this fall at Bethel University: “Christians and Unity.” It’s going to be one of the first sections offered in a new first-year general education course called Inquiry Seminar, in which [w]hile exploring a specific topic of … More Starting to Think Through a New Course: Christians and Unity

“GehrBerr,” or On Teaching as Collaboration

I’ll be spending most of today at a program assessment workshop with my friend and colleague Sam Mulberry. Next Monday we’ll help run the annual summer workshop for Bethel’s Christianity and Western Culture (CWC) teaching team. About three weeks after that, we’ll start co-teaching the online version of CWC for the second year in a row. And in … More “GehrBerr,” or On Teaching as Collaboration

Introducing Our New Introduction to History Course

Yesterday afternoon I was thrilled to hear from several of my colleagues at Bethel University as they shared some innovations in teaching at our annual “West by Midwest” festival. You can see all of my tweets from that two-hour event at the bottom of this post — they include links to some of the innovations mentioned. … More Introducing Our New Introduction to History Course

Over There: An Update

In just over four months of blogging here, World War I has been the second most popular tag so far at The Pietist Schoolman, behind only — surprise! — Pietism. That’s mostly because I spent much of the summer reconceiving the January term (“J-term”) class I teach on WWI, converting it into a three-week trip … More Over There: An Update

WWII in Film

I wish I had something much more impressive to offer for this, my 200th post at The Pietist Schoolman, but the week being as busy as it’s become, I’m going to punt a bit and devote a post to asking a question: What’s your favorite World War II film (or TV series, or episode of … More WWII in Film

The Blessings of Teaching the Same Course Again and Again

The other day I mentioned that I was in the middle of writing my syllabus for HIS354 Modern Europe, one of the staples of my courseload at Bethel University. As any teacher reading this knows, offering the same class year in and year out can be the bane of one’s existence. It can become numbing … More The Blessings of Teaching the Same Course Again and Again

The War Elsewhere

A series of posts taking you day-by-day through a proposed travel version of my course HIS230L World War I. Read the introduction to the series here, or the previous post here. Monday, January 14, 2013 – The Somme Back on the bus for a brief ride across the Belgium-France border, then we’ll tour sites from … More The War Elsewhere

Over There

For my first series of posts, I’d like to invite you to join me in the summer-long process of turning an on-campus, lecture-based class on the history of World War I into a travel course that will see me leading a troupe of twenty students on a three-week tour of cities and battlefield sites in … More Over There