About Jared

Jared Burkholder teachingJared Burkholder blogs every other Friday at The Pietist Schoolman, on topics like Anabaptism, Pietism, evangelicalism, and other movements in religious history. Click here to see all his posts.

Jared is professor of history and chair of the Department of History and Political Science at Grace College in Winona Lake, IN, where he also directs the Office of Faith, Learning, and Scholarship.

Jared’s research interests are in American religious history with an emphasis on Pietism, Anabaptism, and evangelicalism, but he’s drawn into all sorts of topics that grab his attention. Through his interest in the Moravians and their activity in colonial Pennsylvania, Jared has given broader attention to Pietism as a whole. He has co-edited The Activist Impulse: Essays on the intersection of Anabaptism and Evangelicalism (Wipf & Stock, 2012) and is working on a forthcoming collection of essays on the history of Grace College and Theological Seminary (BMH). Jared has also written for the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Fides et Historia, and the Journal of Moravian History.

You can follow Jared on Twitter, Facebook, and Vitae.

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