Thanks for holding my place, Chris!

This past fall I stepped away from The Pietist Schoolman as part of an effort to focus on research and writing that also took me on a sabbatical from Grace College to the Young Center for Pietist and Anabaptist Studies at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. (Here’s our interview with Jared about that sabbatical.) I took my whole family, actually, so it was essentially a short-term move across a couple states, lots of boxes, new schools for the kids, etc. Landing back in Indiana for the Spring semester, I jumped into some upper-level history classes and tried to get caught up from being away from my duties as Chair of the department.

But now maybe, just maybe, I’ve arrived at the surface long enough to take a breath and begin reengaging at The Pietist Schoolman. I must admit, I’m always amazed at all the great things Chris is able bring to the online table and I just can’t stay away! So what can readers expect from upcoming guest posts?book title capture

For starters, I hope to draw some attention to a forthcoming book I’ve been co-editing that will be out very soon. The book, Becoming Grace: Seventy-Five Years on the Landscape of Christian Higher Education in America, takes a look at the history of Grace College and Theological Seminary since its founding in 1937. It’s been a long time in the making but it seems like we are finally on the verge of sending it to print!

I’m also looking forward to hosting several guests at Grace College this spring. Brad Gundlach will be stopping by to give our annual Lyceum Lecture. He’ll be laying out the history of evangelical attitudes on the “evolution question.” This will be a book-talk based on his recent monograph on this issue at Princeton Seminary called Process and Providence: The Evolution Question at Princeton, 1845-1929. Then, Chris Gehrz will be stopping by in early April as part of his Pietist Vision World Tour. On April 6th, he’ll be spending the morning with the faculty here challenging us to consider what potential our Pietist heritage has for helping us fulfill our calling in Christian higher education. So be looking for coverage of these events as well as some live tweets.

Dispatches may also come from upcoming events like the Chicagoland regional Conference on Faith and History, a meeting focused on undergraduate students. This meets April 11 at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights outside of Chicago. I’ll also be giving a talk at a symposium on evangelicalism and the Brethren tradition at Bridgewater College in Virginia in mid-March.

Perhaps I’ll also send along some teasers related to the next book project, which was the real focus of my sabbatical. If all goes well, I hope to complete what will be a history of Pietism in North America. I’m concerned about actually getting it across the finishing line, but conversations with publishers are turning out to be good motivation.

Finally, I hope readers will allow me to indulge in a hodgepodge of commentary on issues related to history, teaching, Christian faith, and politics. Thanks for holding my place, Chris!

One thought on “Thanks for holding my place, Chris!

  1. I am thrilled that the book is coming out very soon. It has been a long and rewarding process. In many ways it is a campus project because we served as co-editors and contributors, but had many more contributers for chapters as well as dozens of people we interviewed.

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