New Interview on Pietism and Higher Education

Maybe some of you appear in the news media all the time. I don’t. So in a week that’s already seen me quoted in Christianity Today‘s story about the troubling situation at North Greenville University, it’s a bit overwhelming also to see an interview with me appear on the website of my denomination’s magazine, The Covenant Companion. Reporter Stan … More New Interview on Pietism and Higher Education

Thursday’s Podcast: The Future of Christian Higher Education

The first season of The Pietist Schoolman Podcast was meant to extend and expand the conversation that started with our book The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education, so it’s fitting that the season finale features the same woman who wrote the book’s preface: Janel Curry, provost of Gordon College. For today’s episode, Janel and I talked about … More Thursday’s Podcast: The Future of Christian Higher Education

Thursday’s Podcast: A Lutheran Perspective

Our penultimate episode in season 1 of The Pietist Schoolman Podcast features Dan Hanson offering a Lutheran (and a student’s) perspective on higher education. About to start his final year at Luther Seminary, Dan reflects on the difference between a “college of the church” and a Christian college, explains why vocation and “faithful criticism” are central to Lutheran higher education, and … More Thursday’s Podcast: A Lutheran Perspective

Thursday’s Podcast: An Anabaptist Perspective

Public historian Devin Manzullo-Thomas (director of the Sider Institute for Anabaptist, Pietist, and Wesleyan Studies) joins me for episode #10 of The Pietist Schoolman Podcast. (You can find it on iTunes or via The Christian Humanist). Drawing on his experiences with Messiah College and the Brethren in Christ Church, Devin reflects on history and higher education at the … More Thursday’s Podcast: An Anabaptist Perspective

Thursday’s Podcast: All Tribes and Peoples

6/4/15 – Today we wrap up the first half of the first season of The Pietist Schoolman Podcast with an especially important episode: Ruben Rivera helps me understand why Christian colleges and universities so often struggle to embody the community described in Revelation 7:9 (“a great multitude… from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages”), with an … More Thursday’s Podcast: All Tribes and Peoples

Thursday’s Podcast: Body and Soul

5/22/15 – Good grief – two weeks in a row of posting a Pietist Schoolman Podcast a day late! But don’t let that discourage you from listening to episode 6 on iTunes and the Christian Humanist website. This time we dive deeper into the meaning of “whole-person education,” talking athletics and academics with Gretchen Hunt and everything from biokinetics to spiritual disciplines with Seth Paradis.