This Week in History

It’s not quite MacArthur hitting the beach at Leyte, or M.J. winning three post-baseball NBA Finals, but after a 37-week hiatus, behold the triumphant return of “This Week in History”! July 9, 1850 – Millard Fillmore succeeds Zachary Taylor as U.S. president This after the former war hero died of acute gastroenteritis, likely caused by … More This Week in History

Albums A to Z: The Glory of Black Gospel

In yesterday’s post on online education, I mentioned that I’m spending part of my summer working with my friend Sam on a series of short documentary films for the online version of our Western Civ/church history course, and that we’re sensitive to the challenge of producing something polished enough to appeal to our media-savvy students. … More Albums A to Z: The Glory of Black Gospel