The Return of Historia!

Along with the course-related podcasts I’ve helped to produce, our department also makes use of this technology to communicate with current, former, and prospective students, putting out Historia! twice last year and, hopefully, three times in 2011-2012. In time for Bethel’s Homecoming, the first episode for this year is now available on iTunes U, and … More The Return of Historia!

The Anabaptist Revision

This afternoon we’ll pick up our series examining the critique of Pietism bound up in the “Anabaptist vision” promoted by Harold Bender and like-minded Mennonite scholars in the mid-20th century. Last time I noted that Bender’s critique (as substantially developed by Robert Friedmann) continued to influence neo-Anabaptist scholars like the young Mennonite Brethren professors who … More The Anabaptist Revision