That Was The Week That Was

This week Bethel wrapped up its 150th anniversary celebration, so I shared both the talk I gave at the celebratory dinner (on the individual moments that make up our collective story) and an analysis of the religious and educational continuities that define Bethel in the midst of so much change. Also, we recorded a podcast … More That Was The Week That Was

“A Time to Heal”

Yesterday Vice President Mike Pence declined to invoke the section of the 25th Amendment that would allow him temporarily to assume presidential powers from Donald Trump, setting up a historic impeachment vote today in the House of Representatives, with Democrats and even some Republicans likely to vote to send Donald Trump to a second Senate … More “A Time to Heal”

“Tell It Like It Is”: How Pastors Can Respond to Election Day

Let me talk to pastors for a moment. (Though their congregants might want to listen in.) Sisters and brothers – Now that candidate Trump has become president-elect Trump, I know that many of you are struggling with how you’re going to preach tomorrow morning. Unsettled yourselves, you know that you’ll soon look out at the expectant faces of people feeling … More “Tell It Like It Is”: How Pastors Can Respond to Election Day

Thursday’s Podcast: All Tribes and Peoples

6/4/15 – Today we wrap up the first half of the first season of The Pietist Schoolman Podcast with an especially important episode: Ruben Rivera helps me understand why Christian colleges and universities so often struggle to embody the community described in Revelation 7:9 (“a great multitude… from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages”), with an … More Thursday’s Podcast: All Tribes and Peoples

New Baptist Pietist Clarion

5/4/15 – Readers of this blog would do well to check out the Baptist Pietist Clarion, edited by my friend and occasional guest-blogger G.W. Carlson. In addition to recurring Clarion themes like racial reconciliation, peacemaking, church-state separation, and Baptist identity, the April 2015 issue features reviews of books by Philip Yancey, Christena Cleveland, Frank Lambert, and Roger Olson & Christian Collins Winn.

“Beyond Multiethnic” Church – and Christian Colleges?

If we haven’t learned how to be a healing station for the people who are racially similar, then we’re never going to learn how to be a healing station for the people who are racially dissimilar. (Christena Cleveland) Even if it means that I don’t catch up on the reading in European and diplomatic history that I should … More “Beyond Multiethnic” Church – and Christian Colleges?