Counterpoint: How Evangelicals Are Politicized

Thanks to everyone who commented (here, on Facebook, by email) on yesterday’s post! I quoted from recent posts by historians Neil J. Young and Thomas Kidd, both of whom drew on research and personal experience with evangelical churches to argue that evangelicals are far less concerned with partisan politics than media coverage (and a recent … More Counterpoint: How Evangelicals Are Politicized

The Pietist Vision in Christian Scholar’s Review

If I could have our book on Pietism and higher education reviewed in just one journal, it would be Christian Scholar’s Review, meant as it is to encourage reflection on “the integration of Christian faith and learning” and discussion of “the theoretical issues of Christian higher education.” So I can’t thank John Hawthorne enough for sharing his thoughts on The Pietist … More The Pietist Vision in Christian Scholar’s Review

“Crisis Averted”: Christianity Today on the CCCU Debate over Sexuality

If you’ve been reading this blog in recent months, you probably are familiar with the debate within evangelical higher education over the decision of Goshen College and Eastern Mennonite to hire LGBT faculty — and then those schools’ late September decision to withdraw from the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) rather than cause more of … More “Crisis Averted”: Christianity Today on the CCCU Debate over Sexuality

Thursday’s Podcast: A Wesleyan Perspective

The Pietist Schoolman Podcast returns this morning with sociologist John Hawthorne sharing a Wesleyan perspective on Christian higher education and faith-learning integration. (In an interview done a few days before the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling, John also offered a thoughtful, non-alarmist take on how Christian colleges might respond to such a decision.) You can find my conversation with … More Thursday’s Podcast: A Wesleyan Perspective