Lindbergh and the Space Race

One reason my blogging here has been rather hit-or-miss lately is that I’ve been busy researching my “spiritual, but not religious” biography of Charles A. Lindbergh. I didn’t repeat last summer’s productive East Coast swing through Lindbergh papers at Yale University and the Library of Congress, but I have been reading a wide variety of … More Lindbergh and the Space Race

Digital Wisdom: A New Blog on Technology and Theology

Briefly this morning, let me recommend a new Patheos blog called Digital Wisdom. Though written by multiple authors, I know it best via Michael Paulus, the university librarian at Seattle Pacific University who was one of my hosts when I spoke at SPU’s faculty retreat last fall. “Within the last thirty years,” he wrote in the … More Digital Wisdom: A New Blog on Technology and Theology

That Was The Week That Was

Here… • It wasn’t quite the total vacation from blogging that I’d expected, but only two posts this week: a critique of Christian History Magazine‘s attempt to rank the top 25 Christian writings of all time, and a reflection on my favorite Thanksgiving hymn. …There (Gobble, Gobble)… • Meanwhile, Tracy McKenzie concluded his Thanksgiving countdown with a … More That Was The Week That Was

Technology and Faith: A Perennial Dilemma

I recently had the opportunity to hear Tim Challies speak at one of our local churches here in Winona Lake, IN. Challies is a (Neo-Calvinist) pastor, writer, and a keen thinker who has helped his audiences wrestle with issues related to faith, technology, and our ubiquitous digital devices. Many of Challies’ points were what one … More Technology and Faith: A Perennial Dilemma

30 Years of Mac

I can’t quite claim to have been a Mac user for the entirety of the thirty-year run being celebrated today. While my father was an early adopter of the Apple IIe, I don’t think we got our first Mac until 1989-90, an SE that sits (still functionial) in his office to this day; and then … More 30 Years of Mac

The Spread of Technology since 1900

Earlier this year, according to one study, the smart phone reached an important milestone: 50% market penetration in the United States. It’s a remarkably quick ascent, but just how remarkable? I’m no historian of technology, but Atlantic editor Alexis Madrigal (author of Powering the Dream: The History and Promise of Green Technology) recently looked at a … More The Spread of Technology since 1900