Are Christian Colleges Poor Spiritual Stewards?

One final follow-up to some of the comments on my open letter on churches and Christian higher education. In part two of this mini-series, I took up the argument that churches and denominations might not give as much to Christian colleges because the latter tend to be poor stewards of the former’s funds. Today I … More Are Christian Colleges Poor Spiritual Stewards?

Best of The Pietist Schoolman: Pledging Allegiance

I wrote this last year for the United States’ Independence Day. Still seems right… Though, for a slightly different take — one more amenable to a celebration of American independence by Christians — see the new Christianity Today interview with Os Guinness and Catholic philosopher Gary Gutting’s most recent post at The Stone. Both contend that … More Best of The Pietist Schoolman: Pledging Allegiance

I Believe…

Yesterday being Holy Trinity Sunday in the liturgical calendar, my mind couldn’t help but take up the question of what it means for Christians to believe in one God who is three persons. Now, I may play one from time to time on this blog, but I’m no theologian. In fact, I’m quite sure I … More I Believe…

Pledging Allegiance

I don’t know quite what to feel on the 4th of July. On the one hand, I’m a sucker for Americana. We’re spending the holiday with my wife’s family, in a small farming town in Iowa. We’ll dress our kids in red, white, and blue, grab a seat on the curb of Main Street to … More Pledging Allegiance