Gone Fishin’

Well, not fishin’ — but I will be spending the long weekend at by the side of a lake, with little or no Internet access. So we’ll give That Was The Week That Was a break tomorrow, and indeed, I’m tempted to use Labor Day to usher in a slowing down of my blogging pace. Not the total, month-long … More Gone Fishin’

Best of The Pietist Schoolman: Memorial Day (For Mike)

I originally published this last Veterans Day, but it’s more appropriate to Memorial Day. Peace be to the memory of my cousin Mike, and all others who have died in service to their country. The word veteran derives from a Latin term for “old,” but on this particular Veterans Day, I can only think of youth. Of … More Best of The Pietist Schoolman: Memorial Day (For Mike)

Back to Blogging

1/27/15 – After a lovely January in Europe, I’m back in the States and looking forward to resuming blogging. I’ll have some announcements and links wraps the next few days, then more about our WWI trip next week.

Veterans Day (For Mike)

The word veteran derives from a Latin term for “old,” but on this particular Veterans Day, I can only think of youth. Of holiday meals and summer picnics in childhood, when the Gehrzes would gather and I’d get to see my cousins from Wisconsin for a few hours. And of one of them in particular, six years younger than me, … More Veterans Day (For Mike)

No Links Wrap Today

8/2/14 – Not just here but up and down my Feedly feed, it was a slow blogging week. So I’ll skip my usual “That Was The Week That Was” post and share a few highlights from recent days at the Pietist Schoolman Facebook page. Back to regular blogging next week!

The “Farce” of Christian Higher Education

One thing I’ve learned in 3+ years of blogging is that the format tempts you into thinking that there are thoughts that will never be thought unless you think them, and words that will never be said unless you say them. So I’ve tried to avoid having a hair trigger — occasionally restraining myself from publishing even … More The “Farce” of Christian Higher Education

Happy Fathers’ Day

For many, it seemed like a bit of trickery, a joke, a send-up for Will Rogers or Groucho Marx. So says religious studies scholar Leigh Eric Schmidt of Father’s Day, adding that while such an event “seemed all but inevitable” when Mother’s Day quickly became a sensation, “many people found it laughable.” A 1914 letter to the New York … More Happy Fathers’ Day

Happy Mothers’ Day

Normally, I’m pretty bad about recognizing Hallmark holidays, but today is no ordinary Mothers’ Day: it was 100 years ago this year that Pres. Woodrow Wilson first declared it a honorary holiday. (Annoying historian intrusion: Just days later, the U.S. Senate failed again to approve a constitutional amendment giving mothers and other women the right to … More Happy Mothers’ Day

Spring Break

I’m not sure I’ve ever been quite so ready for a spring break as I am right now. It’s been a productive nine months since the last time we visited my parents in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia — new online course, new face-to-face course, book deal, papers presented, rabbles roused — but I’m ready … More Spring Break