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Comment Drive: What’s Your Favorite Biography?

Comment Drive: What’s Your Favorite Biography?

This week’s “comment drive” got off to a good start asking about historical movies… Let’s see if we can generate even more conversation about one of filmmaker’s favorite genres of history: biography. In this week’s installment of Past & Presence, our department’s webisode series, we turn to biography: I host from my hometown of Stillwater, Minnesota; we … Continue reading


  • 3/16/15 - If all goes according to plan, The Pietist Schoolman Podcast will formally debut one month from today, with an episode featuring theologian Roger Olson. In the meantime, I've set up a PSP page on Facebook, where I'll share some goodies in advance of the debut. Eventually, it'll be one place you can both keep up with new episodes and contribute your thoughts and questions to our ongoing conversation on Pietism and Christian higher education. Click here to like the Pietist Schoolman Podcast Facebook page.
  • 3/11/15 - Episode six of Past & Presence took us to the Minnesota History Center, where we met people who work in everything from exhibit design and textile conservation to fundraising and internship coordination. Plus advice for students on oral presentations and working in groups, an interview with an alum teaching middle school social studies, and an introduction to pre-law at Bethel.
  • 2/23/15 - I'm quite sure I have no business being admitted to any intellectual club whose membership includes Stanley Hauerwas, Merold Westphal, and John Milbank. So it was beyond kind of Nathan Gilmour to interview me for the newest episode of Christian Humanist Profiles, one of several terrific podcasts produced by the prolific team of Christian Humanists. We touched on several chapters in The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education, its conversational character, and its recurring emphasis on heart alongside head, and Nathan even got me to hint broadly at my own pending return to podcasting. Check it out at iTunes!
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