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In Dubiis Libertas: Opening Up the Sexuality Conversation at Christian Universities (Mark Bruce)

In Dubiis Libertas: Opening Up the Sexuality Conversation at Christian Universities (Mark Bruce)

In recent posts, I’ve called on evangelicals to have a genuine conversation about sexuality, in fitting with their Reformation heritage as Christians who are “reformed and always reforming.” In this guest post, my colleague Mark Bruce explains why it’s especially important — and difficult — to have such conversations at Christian colleges and universities. When asked for … Continue reading


  • 6/26/15 - Look who's taking over C-SPAN: it's Pietist Schoolman guest-blogger Jared Burkholder, speaking about religious pacifists during the American Revolution. Jared points to the diversity in responses from the Moravians, Mennonites, Brethren, and other "peace church" traditions — several rooted in Pietism. (Incidentally, I had wondered aloud about this topic way back in a 2012 blog post — glad to circle back to it.)
  • 6/4/15 - Today we wrap up the first half of the first season of The Pietist Schoolman Podcast with an especially important episode: Ruben Rivera helps me understand why Christian colleges and universities so often struggle to embody the community described in Revelation 7:9 ("a great multitude… from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages"), with an embarrassing moment in my own career as a case study. You can find episode 8 on iTunes and at The Christian Humanist. After today we'll be taking an early summer break from podcasting. Look for us to return in July and August as we complete our first season with a run of episodes in which members of other Christian traditions share their perspectives on Pietism and higher education.
  • 6/1/15 - Readers in the Twin Cities metro area: you can hear me at Calvary Church in Roseville this coming Sunday, June 7, in their 10am elective hour. I'll be speaking on the history of Pietism, particularly as it has shaped the Baptist General Conference (and its university) and my own denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church. Hope to see you there!
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