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That Was The Week That Was

That Was The Week That Was

Here… • Welcome back to blogging, Jared Burkholder! • If you read Jared’s return post, you’ll notice a plug for a Pietist Vision event coming up… I gave less subtle plugs on behalf of myself for an April visit to Messiah College and my appearance on the podcast Christian Humanist Profiles • Our newest Past & Presence webisode inspired a … Continue reading


  • 2/25/15 - I think that the fourth episode of Past & Presence, our department's new webisode series, is our best yet. Not only do we interview an alum who parlayed his History degree into a corporate VP position, visit the oldest Swedish Baptist church in Minnesota, preview our Modern Middle East course, and hear from a student who spent the fall at Oxford, but our discussion of primary sources and historical research proved to be surprisingly moving. Look for a reflection on that conversation tomorrow...
  • 2/23/15 - I'm quite sure I have no business being admitted to any intellectual club whose membership includes Stanley Hauerwas, Merold Westphal, and John Milbank. So it was beyond kind of Nathan Gilmour to interview me for the newest episode of Christian Humanist Profiles, one of several terrific podcasts produced by the prolific team of Christian Humanists. We touched on several chapters in The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education, its conversational character, and its recurring emphasis on heart alongside head, and Nathan even got me to hint broadly at my own pending return to podcasting. Check it out at iTunes!
  • 1/27/15 - After a lovely January in Europe, I'm back in the States and looking forward to resuming blogging. I'll have some announcements and links wraps the next few days, then more about our WWI trip next week.
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