That Was the Week That Was

What you might have missed in the last seven days here at The Pietist Schoolman or elsewhere on interesting blogs, op-ed pages, etc.


  • Celebrating some free advertising for our Pietist Impulse book!
  • My attempts to venture into biblical studies and the history of rhetoric: when did Micah 6:8 become the social justice verse, and what was it before then?
  • A week in history that featured one of the best games of baseball in history, the brutal torture of regicides (which, curiously, evoked memories of grad school for me), the Nintendo, and what I not-disinterestedly regard as the best birthday of the year.
  • Some antebellum wisdom about the role of the liberal arts in a college curriculum.
  • Two colleagues from Bethel Seminary discussing Pietism as “religion of the heart” and (when mediated through a Baptist group) as context for contemplating the play Antigone.


  • Williams, The Lost NotebooksA New York Times op-ed piece about religion got him more attention, but I was much more interested to see Randall Stephens write about Hank Williams, Sr., getting the Mermaid Avenue treatment from the likes of Bob Dylan (and son Jakob), Lucinda Williams, Jack White, Norah Jones,
    Rodney Crowell and Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, and Levon Helm.
  • Ashland University professor Joe Mackall on mainstream Americans’ two false moves vis-à-vis the Amish: dismissing them as fanatics, or “mythologizing them, seeing in them what they need to see.”
  • In honor of the subject’s 80th birthday, Christianity Today reprised Christopher Hall’s 1990 interview with the dean of paleo-orthodoxy, Thomas Oden, in which Oden explained how he moved through modernism, rejected theological (and political) liberalism, and found a new path in the words of people like John Chrysostom.
  • Sterling Library Card Catalog
    Ah, good times... The now-defunct card catalog at Yale's Sterling University Library - Creative Commons (Sage Ross)

    Hear, hear! to Louisiana State University president John Lombardi’s paean to librarians! For a variety of reasons, not least a shared love of reading, our department tends to work closely with our librarians (and we send several of our students down this career path). And I’ve come to recognize that, for better or worse, our library embodies our college as a learning environment. Within mere feet of each other, you’ll find a reference librarian helping a historian navigate a database of 19th century periodicals, a media comm student producing a video in the multimedia editing room, a student just back from studying in Uganda giving a presentation in the Fireside lounge, someone taking Intro to Chinese reading microblogs in the library’s Mac lab, a group of nursing majors preparing for a midterm upstairs in a study room, a future pastor reading a Bible commentary, and a first-year student stumbling across Plato or John Donne or George Sand. Unfortunately, it’s all within a few feet of each other — libraries don’t often win space wars on college campuses.

  • And then Slate asks why God loves beards. (H/T First Thoughts)

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