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Non-Covenanters, Meet John Weborg

I seem to have this thing for organizations that can be described as “best kept secrets.” At my most sanguine, that’s how I feel about my employer — perhaps our forthcoming book will boost Bethel’s profile a bit. It’s no doubt true about my denomination, which I can’t help trying to explain to the tens of millions of American Christians who … Continue reading

RIP Robert Sandin (1927-2014)

4/10/14 – Thanks to G.W. Carlson for drawing my attention to the recent passing of a fellow Covenanter in higher education: Robert T. Sandin. An alumnus of Bethel College and Seminary who went on to earn a PhD in philosophy from the University of Minnesota, Sandin served as an administrator at Northwestern (MN), North Park, Mercer, … Continue reading

That Was The Week That Was

Back after a break and feeling refreshed, it’s our week(end)ly sampler of interesting posts from around the blogosphere: Here… • I offered a sneak peek at the conclusion to our forthcoming book from InterVarsity Press: The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education: Forming Whole and Holy Persons. Look for a preview of the rest of the … Continue reading

Announcing a New Issue of The Covenant Quarterly on Pietism

I’m honored to announce the publication of a theme issue of The Covenant Quarterly, guest edited by my colleague Christian Collins Winn and myself, that features articles on the historical and contemporary significance of Pietism. If you’re not familiar with it, The Covenant Quarterly is published by the Evangelical Covenant Church through its seminary, North … Continue reading

Happy 100th Birthday, Karl Olsson!

I’m not sure they have such celebrations in heaven, but at least down here, there should be some recognition that today marks what would have been the 100th birthday of the late, multi-talented Karl A. Olsson: writer, preacher, teacher, literature scholar, decorated veteran of World War II, former president of what’s now North Park University, … Continue reading

Don Frisk on Pietism and Christian Education

As part of the seminar on Pietism that I’m leading this weekend at Bethlehem Covenant Church in Minneapolis, I’ll devote an hour or so to my chief area of interest: Pietist models of education. In doing some reading for that talk, I revisited an interesting document from my own denomination‘s history: a working paper from … Continue reading

That Was The Week That Was

Here • The death of Levon Helm had me thinking about one of my favorite Martin Scorsese movies, the concert film The Last Waltz. • I continued my series on Confessing History, a promising collection of essays rethinking how Christians do history, with a post on three chapters dealing with “Identity.” • Former North Park … Continue reading

The Usable Past: Pietism and Bethel University

Today I’m going to wrap up a series of posts on the notion of Christian colleges looking to a “usable past” for guidance as they consider their missions and identities. Thus far, we’ve mostly found that schools founded by denominations originating (at least in part) in Pietism have not found such utility in that tradition. … Continue reading

The Unusable Past: Pietism and Christian Colleges (part 2)

Today we continue to consider why, for most historians and leaders of colleges and universities founded by Pietist denominations, Pietism seems not to provide a “usable past,” a living history capable of sustaining a distinctive mission and identity. In the first part of this post, I suggested, first, that this might be a byproduct of … Continue reading

The Pietist Impulse: Scandinavians

We’ve rounded the bend and are more than halfway home in our preview of The Pietist Impulse in Christianity. Today: part five examines four manifestations of the Pietist impulse among Swedish and Norwegian Christians (both in the Old World and New). For many, this would seem an obscure chapter in the history of Pietism. But … Continue reading

The Pietist Vision of Christian Higher Education: Forming Whole and Holy Persons

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The Pietist Impulse in Christianity

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